Moisture Absorber - Anti Cellulite Vacuum Cupping Cup x 4

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Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Application: Body
Brand Name: PUKOM
Model Number: 2022963
Material: Food-grade silicone

Environmental protection material silicone, no undesirable stimulation to skin.
The technique is safe and credible, no infection and pain in treating diseases.
Easy to operate, can cup by yourself anytime and anywhere, easy to clean.
Through the cupping, can improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, improve immune ability.
Help you to remove eye wrinkles and lose weight. Can be used at any parts of body.
Material: Food-grade silicone
Color: White/Blue (optional)
Quantity: 4pcs
L Cupping: height 7.2cm, inner diameter 6.8cm, outside diameter 10cm
M Cupping: height 5.5cm, inner diameter 5.3cm, outside diameter 7.5cm
S Cupping: height 4cm, inner diameter 4cm, outside diameter 6cm
XS Cupping; height 3cm, inner diameter 3cm, outside diameter 4.5cm
Total weight: 264.8g / 9.3oz
Package size: 13 * 10 * 10cm / 5.1 * 3.9 * 3.9in
Package weight: 266.8g / 9.4oz