Tscope Alloy Handheld Digital Camera Stabilizer

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Maximum bearing weight is 2.1 lbs.



DSLR can be used on the Steady Video Stabilizer with light lenses (up to 2.1 lbs total weight of body and lens)  

Comfort grip handle 



Super gimbal for smooth, accurate motion 



Polished chrome counter-weight  

Specification :



Load Capacity: 2.1 lbs (0.95kg) 



Construction: Aluminum body, rubber padded handle, polished chrome counterweight



Color: Red



Net weight: 968g

The phone holder can be extended to max 84mm and has two 1/4 screw hole to fit this stabilizer, pls kindly make sure your phone width is less than 84mm.Thank you! 

Package including:



1 x Red Handheld Stabilizer



1 X Phone holder