Vegetable Chopper, Kitchen Veggie Fruit Dicer Slicer, Food Cutter

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Item Description:



· Material:ABS + PP + 420J2 stainless steel



· Size22.86*13.20*12.19 cm



· ColorGreen



· Item TypeVegetable Chopper



· Quantity1 set



· Weight589 g



·  BrandComzendle








· The blades are sharp enough to chop most vegetables & fruits, make cooking much faster. Designed with slip-proof base, safe for hands while chopping.



· A cleaning brush is prepared to clean residues, the lid and the blades are detachable for easy cleaning. Space-saving for small kitchen and easy to be stacked neatly.





How to use:



· Install the blade you required in the slot;



· Put foods on the blade, press the lid carefully;



· Take out the clean brush inside the block to clean the residues;



· Remove the food from the transparent container;



· Clean and wipe dry the chopper timely when not in use.








· NOT suitable for cutting carrots and other hard vegetables/fruits.



· If the food is too large or thick, please first cut it into smaller piece of less than 1.6 inches.



· Beware your fingers when pushing down the lid.



· When changing the blade, be careful not to cut your hands.



· Please put it beyond the reach of children.





Package Included:



· 3* Blade Set



· 1* Food Container with Lid



· 1* Clean Brush